I am hoping you all had a wonderful holiday and am staying healthy during this severe flu season!

I just wanted to update everyone on all that’s going on and will be happening with OOWHEE! Slip-Free Ruler.

I’d like to thank everyone we met in Houston at Quilt Festival for their support and encouragement.  I can absolutely say it felt like home being around such welcoming friends!  If I ever get a chance to visit the Houston area again, I’m going to take in some of their wonderful hospitality and enjoy site seeing.

Quilt Festival was amazing!  Imagine three football fields of vendors and you’ve got a pretty good idea how this show operates.  I found myself in the E.R. on opening night.  There was a storm causing gale winds and as I was about to step on an outdoor mat, the wind picked it up and wrapped it around my legs.  Down I went like a flash and all I remember is the sound of concrete hitting my face.  The good news is I only had a hairline fracture on my cheek bone.  The bad news is that now I have a dent in my face!  LOL!  I was so thankful my daughter was with us to help out at the booth because I was too sore the next day to do much.

Speaking of daughters:  my daughter, Annie, who had stage four Lymphoma was just told by her doctor that she’s pretty much in the clear of a relapse.  The doctor said if it was going to happen, it would have by now.  This mom couldn’t ask for a better prognosis!

If you’ve visited the site recently you may have noticed a couple of changes.  We are no longer carrying the 5” square.  It just wasn’t as sought after as our 6.5” square.  After reaching out last Fall for input, you may be wondering why I didn’t bring back the 16.5” square.  There just wasn’t enough interest from our customers.  The 36” x 4” is still going to make a comeback for a limited time but we are going to wait and revisit this size again later in the year.   We have brought something new to the site by introducing “Bundles” at a 10% discount.  Bundle #1 includes a 24” x 6.5”, a 12” x 6.5” and a 6.5” square, all three for just $65.00.  Bundle #2 includes a 24” x 8.5”, a 14” x 8.5” and an 8.5” square, all three for just $75.00.  Another change to the site are E-Gift Cards. These are perfect for giving whatever the occasion! Both the Bundles and E-Gift Cards are already a hit with our customers!

We are already planning which shows to participate in this year.  We are sorry we will not be at Pigeon Forge this year but my husband is retiring from police work that weekend and we’re going to be hosting his retirement party.  You can bet I’m super disappointed we can’t go!  Look for us at Pigeon Forge in 2021.  We are planning on the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in Hampton, VA during February 26 through March 1.  We will be in Chantilly VA, May 29 through the 31st for the Quilter’s Unlimited Show.  Then in August we’ll be staying very close to home and participating in the Mancuso Springfield MA show.  We’re off to Charleston  So. Carolina in September 30th through October 3 to participate in the AQS show.   If anything changes, I’ll be sure to let you all know.

Before I finish I’d like to take this opportunity to address something that keeps coming to my attention.  I often get a call or an email from customers telling me they keep nicking their ruler and that they never had this problem before.  Let me explain why this may be happening to you.

In the past, you all used rulers that while some of them claimed not to slip, they did.  Two things result from rulers that slip:  first, you start cutting at an angle so when the ruler moves, you will still be cutting alongside the ruler.  The second thing is that your cutting hand is not holding your rotatory cutter straight.  Your brain has been conditioned to anticipate the ruler moving causing you to hold your rotatory cutter with a slight tendency to compensate for the ruler to slip.  If your elbow is sticking out, like it would if you were holding a fork, than you’re cutting position is going to be off and you will hit the ruler.  Tuck you elbow in and watch how you’re holding your cutter.  You may need to practice this position a few times before it feels natural.   Nicking your ruler is a sure sign that you need to recondition the anticipation your brain is programed to expect.  The good news is it won’t take long to re-condition your technique.  Practice on scraps and you won’t have this problem anymore.


Last but not least, OOWHEE! Slip-Free Ruler would love to do business with your favorite quilt shop. Email me at roey@oowhee.com the name of the store you shop along with the city and state location.  If your store opens a wholesale account with us, you will win a free ruler of your choice.  You can email as many referrals as you want.  If more than one person submits the same store, your names will go into a drawing to decide who wins the free ruler!


Well, my friends, I guess this wraps it up for now.  I will be in touch again in the Spring.

Happy New Year!


Robin Oey