Yes and no on how great these rulers are. The slip-free part is wonderful, with texture on the top as well as gripping on the bottom. What is not great is that the inch lines are really thick, so the rulers are NOT good for subcutting. Not at all, if you want accurate pieces. With an approximately 2mm thick line, one can easily be 4mm off on matching points with subcuts where your edges are hidden under that chunky inch line. I suggest that in the next edition, the inch lines be thin or that there be breaks in them so precise cutting is possible beyond just trimming around edges.

Thank you for your comments.  OOWHEE! Slip-Free Ruler lives up to its slip-free name!  We appreciate that you are having difficulty working with the ruler.  It’s hard to adjust to different brands.  As this is the first time we have been made aware of the issue you are having, we will make a note of it for future reference.  Please continue to enjoy your  OOWHEE! Slip-Free Ruler.

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