Hello Everyone!  I know it’s been a long time since I posted anything for OOWHEE! Slip-Free Ruler but there has been good reason!  My substrate supplier suddenly closed their doors the Friday after Thanksgiving.  This left me high and dry without much inventory.  I managed to have my regular monthly sales but inventory has been getting pretty low.  Now, normally I would have started trying to find another supplier right away but I had a personal family matter that prevented it.  I lost my mother to Dementia the first week of December, which was also the anniversary week of my dad’s passing.  So you can understand how little got accomplished for the business. 

Christmas came on the heels of my personal crisis and like probably most of you, I was up to my neck in holiday baking, shopping and entertaining.  I did try reaching out to a few new suppliers but found that most of these types of companies close for two weeks over the holidays.  I spent most of January shopping for a new supplier on a daily basis.  This sounds easy but you have to remember this involves e-mails, phone calls and waiting for responses.  I found that some places could cut my substrate but not print it.  Other places would print it but not cut.  After much frustration and endless phone calls, I found a company that can do both!  YEAH!  I visited this company and was very impressed with their work ethic and the quality of the rulers.  I just placed my first order with them and hope to have new stock available by the first week in March. 

In response to your feedback included in this order are two new sizes:  a 3.5” x 12” and an 8.5” x 14”.  I know many of you are happy to read this.  I will have them on line for purchase in March. Check the site frequently for their arrival!

As you know, my husband Ed is my business partner.  He’s my CEO, or as we often joke, my “carry everything out” guy.  I couldn’t do what I do without him.   We made the decision to not participate in as many shows this year as we did last year.  Ed still works full time and even though he has plenty of vacation time, it was an exhausting year for him physically (and we’re not getting any younger!).  I have posted our schedule for this year’s shows on our on line calendar.  I’m sorry if we’re not coming back to your area but we will try to include those shows next year, when Ed is retired. 

Well that’s it for now.  I will be posting our monthly sale soon so keep checking back!  If you haven’t subscribed to the site, you’re missing opportunities to save 40% on your favorite sizes with each monthly sale! 

Hang in there folks – winter is more than half way over and it won’t be long until we enjoy spring again!

Until next time…